Oliver Morris

Oliver Morris

Oliver Morris was born in Paddington, approximately 20 minutes away from Buckingham palace. He wasted his youth performing in operas, reading P.G. Wodehouse and playing Pokémon, all of which signaled his dissent into "The Arts". After studying philosophy, yet failing to unravel the mysteries of the universe, he studied radio production at Bournemouth University, mistakenly believing "that's where the money is."

Ollie cut his teeth at the student radio station RED, producing 10 hours of programmed a week, and pioneering the station's first radio drama OddSocs, a six part surrealist sit com about a student society, which he also wrote. During his Tenure as Station Manager at Bournemouth University station BIRSt, he developed his skills in feature making and documentary, while also producing Let Me Die Again and Big O's Family Friendly Funk Hour. The Station won the Kevin Greening Award for Creativity from the Student Radio Association while he was manager.

Since being told he has to absolutely find a job, Oliver has worked at the BBC, Whistledown, Podium.me. Oliver worked with Chatterbox on the production of The Man Who Could Work Miracles, which he described as “witty,” “enjoyable,” and “what do you mean by 'volunteering'?”

In his free time, Oliver makes content for Utility Belt, The Doodle and A Poem and a Mistake. The rest of his time is spent drinking, makes music, and enviously listens to American Podcasts.


Role   Show
Producer ..................... The Man Who Could Work Miracles