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12/23/10 - 'Tis the season. Apparently we were good this year, because we've got a whole bunch of new stuff: a brand-new show, new Comments sections on every show page, two new Education Guides, and even a new board member!

12/23/10 - Snow Globe. Don't forget that our production of Snow Globe airs today at noon on 91.1 WKNO-FM. The show will also be featured this weekend on the "Speak Up for Radio Drama Now" Facebook group!

12/19/10 - MUS Today. Check out this great article by Rebecca Greer for the Memphis University School alumni magazine! It tells the story of Chatterbox's collaborations with the friendly folks at MUS.

12/03/10 - Podcastpalooza. We're proud to be featured on two excellent podcasts this week. The Sonic Society features our production The Separate Self, while Radio Drama Revival is showcasing Snow Globe!

11/06/10 - Halloween Show posted. If you missed our third annual live Halloween Show, you can now check out the recording, along with some amazing artwork by Derrick Dent. Halloween may be over, but it's never a bad time for a spooky show!

10/31/10 - Live Halloween Show! Don't miss our third annual LIVE Halloween Show on 10/31 from 7:00 - 8:00 pm CDT! We'll be live on the air on WKNO 91.1 FM and streaming live as part of the Transcontinental Terror project. You can also pick up the stream on this site. Here's an interview with WKNO's Kacky Walton about the show!

10/27/10 - Pinocchio, Book Three. Our adult adaptation of Pinocchio concludes this month with Book Three: Fathers and Sons. In it, Geppetto and Pinocchio discover the cricket's ultimate plan for them, and must make a terrible choice. Don't miss it!

10/26/10 - Radio Drama Revival. This week's episode of the Radio Drama Revival podcast features our adaptation of Pinocchio! Throughout October, the show is surveying the audio theater companies involved in the Transcontinental Terror project.

09/30/10 - Pinocchio, Book Two. Our dark, adult adaptation of the classic tale continues this month with "The Devil You Know." Far from home, Pinocchio begins to discover who he is -- while his father Geppetto begins to realize who he's up against.

09/27/10 - Studio Photos. Check out the final images in our Studio Renovations gallery, then take a look at these great images (by Stephanie Wallace of Silver Stitch Photography) from our Open House event on September 7!

09/03/10 - Speaking Up. Chatterbox is once again featured on the "Speak Up for Radio Drama Now!" Facebook page. Our production of Rip Van Winkle is this week's Alternate Friday Play!

08/30/10 - Pinocchio, Book One. Check out our newest show, a dark (and definitely not-for-kids) re-imagining of the classic tale "Pinocchio." This month we present Book One: Between God and Evil!

08/24/10 - Open House! Come check out the lovingly renovated, super-awesome Chatterbox Studio during our Open House event on September 7! RSVP via Facebook or by using the Contact form on this site.

07/25/10 - It's Official! Thanks in large part to the work of Board Member Jimmy Jalenak, Chatterbox has been recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization by the IRS! What a great time to consider making a donation, wouldn't you say?

07/05/10 - The Shepherd of Clouds. Chatterbox's newest offering comes from our live (and lively) performance at this year's Memphis Children's Theatre Festival. Check out The Shepherd of Clouds!

06/30/10 - Movin' On Up. Congrats to Chatterbox's Artistic Director Kyle Hatley, who was just promoted to Associate Artistic Director in his day job at the Kansas City Repertory Theatre!

06/18/10 - Chatterbox Weekends! Our production "Dead and Gone" is the Alternate Friday Play on the "Speak Up for Radio Drama Now!" Facebook group. And there's a Chatterbox marathon all day Sunday, June 27th, on Sound Stages Radio, the internet's only "New-Time Radio" Station!

05/29/10 - Children's Theatre Festival! Join us next Saturday at the Memphis Children's Theatre Festival for a live, interactive performance of Henry Beston's "Shepherd of Clouds." We start at 2:15. Beforehand, be sure to visit our booth, where you can construct your very own piece of sound effects equipment to use in the show!

04/27/10 - Home Sweet Studio! We are very excited to announce that Chatterbox now has its own official recording space. Read more about the Chatterbox Studio and please consider supporting our work.

04/27/10 - Nonprofit status pending. Chatterbox has been formed and approved as a Tennessee non-profit corporation and will soon be submitting its form 1023 application to the IRS. So our status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation is officially pending! That means any donations you make are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

04/18/10 - Moon-Face. Chatterbox's newest production is a sharp and sinister tale by Jack London -- one that maps a path from simple irritation to outright madness. Check out Moon-Face!

04/05/10 - ArtsMemphis TV. The good people at Live from Memphis and ArtsMemphis profiled Chatterbox Executive Director Robert Arnold on the latest episode of ArtsMemphis TV. Thanks to Sarah and Christopher at Live from Memphis and Karen at ArtsMemphis for making this happen!

03/31/10 - I Love Memphis. Check out this great writeup on Chatterbox from our friend Kerry's popular "I Love Memphis" blog. Kerry sat in on a rehearsal for the upcoming Chatterbox production "Markheim."

03/12/10 - Radio Drama Revival. Fred Greenhalgh features the Chatterbox original production Homestead on this week's episode of Radio Drama Revival.

03/06/10 - Sidetrack on WILL. In case you missed it, we just posted our interview from "Sidetrack with Jason Croft", which aired on WILL Radio in Urbana, IL. The segment was produced by Jeff Bossert. (18:24, 17.3KB)

03/04/10 - The Aesir. We've just posted the third episode of our popular Mythologia series. The Aesir and the Building of the Wall tells the story of the Norse gods' search for a home and a way to protect it. Enjoy!

03/03/10 - Press coverage. This Saturday at 6 pm Central, tune in to WILL Radio in Urbana, IL to hear a story about Chatterbox. Memphians can pick up the latest issue of RSVP Magazine for a profile of Executive Director Bob Arnold. And we just posted a great video segment about Chatterbox that aired on WKNO-TV's Southern Routes.

03/02/10 - Sounds for Soldiers. Chatterbox has contributed shows to the Sounds for Soldiers project, which will send 10,000 mp3 CDs loaded with contemporary audio drama to troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. You can support the project by making a donation. Thanks to the great folks at for putting this together.

02/25/10 - Audio Drama in the WSJ. Our friend Fred Greenhalgh (of FinalRune Productions and Radio Drama Revival) got a killer write-up in the Wall Street Journal this week, which is good for him and for audio dramatists everywhere. Go Fred!

02/04/10 - Snow Globe, Act Two. We've just posted the conclusion of our original holiday show Snow Globe. In it, Sam and Ted investigate the origins of the mysterious snow globe they picked up in a pawn shop. Its story is even stranger than they imagined. Check it out.

01/19/10 - Thespian Conference. Here are some photos and sound clips from last weekend's workshop at the Tennessee State Thespian Festival. Thanks and kudos to all our brave participants!

01/05/10 - Snow Globe, Act One. Chatterbox is proud to release the first act of its holiday-themed show Snow Globe, which debuted on WKNO-FM back in December. Look for Act Two in another few weeks!

01/02/10 - Radio Drama Revival. Once again, we've been featured on our friend Fred's Radio Drama Revival podcast. Fred reviewed Dead and Gone a few months back, and now he's featuring the show on his New Year's Day episode.

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