Give Us Five!

Give Us Five!

To kick off our fifth year of operations, Chatterbox asked 100 friends to donate just $5 to our group. We're proud to report that, as of 1/1/12, we've surpassed that goal.

The Give Us Five campaign ultimately garnered more than 130 donations, many of which were for amounts larger than $5. This funding will help us reach some ambitious goals we've set for ourselves in 2012. It also proves that Chatterbox is a viable nonprofit organization with broad community support.

(Sad that you didn't get to participate in the campaign? Not to worry, you can still make a donation to Chatterbox.)

Here's who Gave Us Five (and what they said). A sincere thanks to everyone on this list -- we couldn't do what we do without your help!

001. David Mickle - San Francisco, CA
"I first thought 'first donor, I win!' but then realized it wasn't me who won. Chatterbox has won by re-invigorating a medium of art that everyone knows and can relate in a way that is fresh and modern. But that's not right, either; it is all of us who are actively winning by enjoying the productions created by so many talented people. Thanks for the ride and here's to four more years."

002. Bob Arnold in honor of David Mickle - Memphis, TN
"Here's to another great year!"

003. Karen Strachan - Memphis, TN
"Time flies when you're having fun, especially when your wings are umbrellas!"

004. Curtis Bickers - Memphis, TN
"Keep aspiring to inspire!"

005. Betty Dilley - Memphis, TN

006. Hugh Dilley - Memphis, TN

007. Frederick Greenhalgh of FinalRune Productions - Portland, ME
"Chatterbox embodies what the next generation of audio theater is about -- passionate, creative individuals making great audio happen purely for the love of it. I've been amazed what you've accomplished these last 4 years, and can't wait to see what the next 4 will bring! Congratulations."

008. Nathan Reed - Dyer, TN

009. Doug Montgomery - Piła, Poland

010. Marilyn Masler - Memphis, TN

011. Kalman Bencsath - Shaker Heights, OH

012. Mia Bencsath - Shaker Heights, OH

013. Molly Denninghoff - Kansas City, MO
"You just stand on your own two feet. The world belongs to you as much as to the next fella, so don't give it up. And try not to be scared of people not liking you, just you try liking them. And just keep your faith, and your courage, and you'll turn out all right." -- Dr. Selden, Carousel.

014. Margaret Love - Somerville, MA

015. George Arnold - Springdale, AR

016. Barbara Arnold - Springdale, AR

017. Charlotte King - Memphis, TN

018. Sally Heinz - Memphis, TN

019. Brad Heinz - Memphis, TN

020. Jim Thompson - Memphis, TN

021. Stacy Wright - Memphis, TN

022. Joe Vescovo - Memphis, TN
"You guys are awesome!"

023. Mallory Binkley - Memphis, TN

024. Bob Binkley - Memphis, TN
"Keep on keepin' on. --Bob 2.0."

025. Kerry Strahm - Memphis, TN

026. Sue Binnie - Memphis, TN

027. Helen Rachel - Memphis, TN
"My mom says you guys are awesome!!"

028. Bryna Bobick - Memphis, TN

029. Jenny Hornby - Memphis, TN
"Please don't touch the wind machine... nah! Good work."

030. Brent Davis - Memphis, TN

031. Gary Cook - Memphis, TN
"Awesome! We want to play!"

032. Jason Johns - Memphis, TN

033. - 037. Anonymous

038. Grant Hatton - Memphis, TN

039. Timothy Taber - Olive Branch, MS

040. Stephanie Taber - Olive Branch, MS

041. Virgil Franklin - Linton, IN

042. Adrianne Compton - Shreveport, LA
"Keep up the wonderful Performances. I live in Shreveport, LA, but a friend had me listen, and I’m glad I did. My donation was for my dearest friend Chris Jowers. I look forward to hearing more from all of you!"

043. Deborah Hyatt - Memphis, TN

044. Jerre Dye - Memphis, TN

045. Amy Salerno Hale - Memphis, TN

046. Charlene Honeycutt - Memphis, TN
"And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!" --Dr. Seuss

047. Kacky Walton - Memphis, TN

048. Darel Snodgrass - Memphis, TN

049. Justin Willingham - Memphis, TN

050. Dan Campbell - Memphis, TN

051. Billy Pullen - Memphis, TN
"Chatterbox and Bob Arnold have restored my faith in community theatre in a fresh, innovative way."

052. Greg Krosnes - Memphis, TN

053. Lindsay Krosnes - Memphis, TN

054. Kimberly McCollum - Southaven, MS

055. Tom Badgett - Lenoir City, TN

056. Katherine Whitfield - Memphis, TN
"The airwaves can't capture my blushes!"

057. Katherine Whitfield in honor of Jim and Jo Lynne Palmer
"Thanks for brightening up my Sundays."

058. Elisabeth Callihan - New York, NY
"Hip hip hooray! Congratulations, Bob & Chatterbox! I am so impressed with all that you have accomplished in 4 short years. Truly a testament to all your hard work and dedication. Here's to many more years of success (lifting my imaginary Molly's margarita glass)!"

059. Meghan Lisi - Memphis, TN

060. Kevin Collier - Memphis, TN

061. Gregg Coats - Memphis, TN

062. Michael Towle - Center Barnstead, NH

063. Shannon King - Kansas City, MO

064. Lindsey Hedgepeth - Memphis, TN
In memory of Bonnie

065. Pearse Hedgepeth - Memphis, TN
In memory of Bonnie

066. Chris Goddard - San Francisco, CA

067. Laura Mauler - San Francisco, CA

068. Mike Kelly - San Anselmo, CA

069. Amanda Seelig

070. Richard Hipo

071. Ashley Preston - Ashburn, VA

072. Amanda Dolin - Denton, TX

073. Jaime Boust - Oakland, CA

074. George Mandella

075. Masaki Hirayama- San Francisco, CA

076. Jamie Shoup - Bolingbrook, IL

077. Seth Whetzel - Annandale, VA

078. Miriam Dolin - San Francisco, CA

079. Justin Mathews - Ivyland, PA

080. Amelia Wolff - San Francisco, CA

081. Peter Nalen - Princeton, NJ

082. Laura Jacobs - Kansas City, MO

082. Vicki Sampietro - Memphis, TN

083. Jordan Barre - Memphis, TN

084. Kell Christie - Memphis, TN
In honor of Harper Brown

085. Jennifer Henry - Center Barnstead, NH

086. Barclay Roberts - Memphis, TN

087. Mark H. Jones - Memphis, TN

088. Jeanna Juleson - Collierville, TN
"I am proud to support Chatterbox and the wonderful shows produced for both entertainment and education. Bravo."

089. Jim Robinson - Memphis, TN

090. Yoshi Takebuchi

091. Andrew Suprenant

092. Doug Hardin - Memphis, TN

093. Bill Hardin - El Dorado, AR

094. Steve Swift - Memphis, TN

095. Randal Cooper - Nashville, TN

096. Marlene Lisi - Jacksonville, FL

097. Marjorie Forsyth - Jacksonville, FL

098. Will Crabb - New York, NY

099. Pinkney Herbert - Memphis, TN

100. Janice Herbert - Memphis, TN

101. Waverly Herbert - Memphis, TN

102. Suzannah Herbert - Memphis, TN

103. Scott Comer - Austin, TX
Matching gift for all previous donations

104. Joseph Juleson - Collierville, TN

105. Mary Haden - San Marcos, CA

106. Heidi Sommer - DePoe Bay, OR

107. Trudy Lazar - Cordova, TN

108. Jimmy Jalenak - Memphis, TN

109. Natalie Jalenak - Memphis, TN

110. Clay Levit - Austin, TX

111. Katy Levit - Austin, TX

112. Hannah Levit - Austin, TX

113. Caleb Levit - Austin, TX

114. Julie Reinbold - Memphis, TN

115. Alex Ertz - Memphis, TN

116. Allison Ertz - Memphis, TN

117. Alexander Ertz - Germantown, TN

118. Jonathan Ertz - Germantown, TN

119. Catherine Harris - Nashville, TN

120. Tom Kendall - Pacifica, CA

121. Andrew Martone - San Francisco, CA

122. Bill Short - Memphis, TN

123. John Rone - Memphis, TN

124. Marina Pacini - Memphis, TN

125. David McCarthy - Memphis, TN

126. Michael Gravois - Memphis, TN

127. Stephen Hancock - Memphis, TN

128. James Vest - Memphis, TN
In honor of David Mickle

129. Nancy Vest - Memphis, TN
In honor of David Mickle

130. Paige Crist - Oakland, CA

131. Jeanne Simmons - Memphis, TN

132. John Donley - San Francisco, CA