Regina Weller

Regina Weller

Regina has been repeatedly chastised for writing tedious bios; she’s currently feeling a bit under pressure to nail this one.

As a working scenic artist, animator, and model maker in Kansas City, she has been enjoying ever-increasing roles in local productions—but she’s always offstage, backstage, under the stage, or in the shop. (Where she likes it.)

Her most recent projects (well, when will you read this? As of February 2011) include assistant painter for In the Next Room, or the Vibrator Play at the Unicorn; for the Living Room, she is working on Blackbird as the stage manager, as well as doing props and set dressing for both Blackbird and Love Song. And unless she’s killed in a mugging (not to discriminate; for the record, there are many ways a person can die in Kansas City), she will be appearing as props mistress for the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival again this summer.

She’s also like to make a “shout out” to what the kids call, “group.” Need a grou’ soon. Like now. It’s been too long. Yea… Like wut up? wut up wit dat? i txt u and u dont get back 2 me n l8ter i c ur check ins on facebook but i invited u 2 hang with me that nite but apparently u have work 2 do n so maybe i'll c u the nxt day, and then i hear thru teh grapevine u wnt 2 p otts n bust yerselfz. u know, my fave, 3 dollah. but im strong. i can hold out 4 u. plus, i got a cat. no one knows where she’s from either.


Role   Show
Artist ..................... The Human Experience 01: Love
Artist ..................... The Human Experience 02: Fear